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In Morianincu, discover the village of cervioni. With Le campoloro Corsica campsite, discover the charms of Corsica.

Costa Verde is authentic, green and distinctive. Our region and its 14 villages have the closest sea-mountain proximity in Corsica. Discover the treasures of our land, the know-how of its craftsmen and Corsican producers, taste the flavors of the land are easy to learn.

What will you bring back from Corsica?

Canistrelli, an art knife, pottery, organic products, essential oils, cosmetics, designer jewelry, hazelnut specialties from Cervione, AOC Corsica wine, sheep cheese and many more others … who knows?

Let yourself be captivated by the magic of polyphonic songs, or moved by our chapels, forests, botanical paths, our small winding roads, and our hanging hamlets.

From villages to villages, cross the pits

Cervione is a village very close from the campsite and knowned for the St Erasmus Cathedral and the Museum of Art and Popular Traditions. You can also visit San Giuliano, see its fountains and Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony chapels…

Sant'Andrea di Cotone is a  picturesque village surrounded by wooded hills. We welcome you to visite Valle di Campoloro with the Palazacciu and the beach of Padulone. La Tavagna: Taglio Isolaccio the two hilltop villages that face each other which is the cradle of the Bernardini family, famous members of the famous “I Muvrini ” Corsican group.  Talasani is a hamlet in the plain which shelters the ruins of the old Romanesque chapel "San Petru Velone Orneto is a very charming pedestrian village ...

The Morianincu area is between sea and mountain and has a remarkable all-stone parish church, whose 39m bell tower is one of the highest in Corsica. San Nicolao and its five picturesque hamlets is a place to see. Sainte Lucie de Moriani has traditional houses and its majestic view which plunges towards the sea are incredible. You must see Santa Maria Poggio’s Genoese bridge and its sacred architecture ! Santa Reparata di Moriani perched in a nest of greenery with its legendary cave of the bandit Natale, and its beneficial ferruginous water is a very peaceful place.

Le Campoloro, reserver votre camping en corse Le Campoloro, reserver votre camping en corse
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