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Visit the creeks of Piana: our guide

The creeks of Piana

‍When planning holidays in Corsica, visiting certain sites is essential. This is the case of the creeks of Piana, a breathtaking natural place of beauty very popular with tourists from all over the world. Exceptional landscapes, the crossing of typical villages and excursions that you will remember for a long time make the reputation of this emblematic place of the island of beauty. But, to visit it, several ways are possible, our guide will give you all the information you need to know for a magical moment.

How to visit the creeks of Piana?

To visit the creeks of Piana, there are several options. Among the most popular, we find the land route by traversing the hiking trails or by surveying the roads, but also the sea route which will make your visit a delight. Here are the details of each way to visit the Calanques de Piana:

Go on a hike

Hiking enthusiasts will not be able to resist the multiple routes offered by the Calanques de Piana: more or less complex paths and landscapes of great beauty, punctuated by the red rocks typical of the place, will be there for a unique experience. Here are the different paths for hiking to discover the creeks of Piana:

  • The Château fort path, and its belvedere, suitable for beginners and which lasts about 1 hour round trip.
  • The muleteer path, borrowed by mules and their masters in the 19th century, suitable for beginners and which lasts around 2 hours round trip.
  • The chestnut grove path, through the forest, suitable for beginners and takes around 2.5 hours round trip.
  • The Capo Rosso hike, the most popular on the island, for intermediate hikers and lasts about 3 hours round trip).
  • The Capo d’Orto path, and its exceptional view of the gulf and the creeks, for expert hikers and which lasts about 6 h round trip.

Browse the roads

Following the D81 road that connects Porto to Piana, you will discover by car the beauty of the creeks of Piana for nearly 2 hours. However, this road is very busy in the summer season and you may have to deal with a traffic jam and dangerous traffic. To avoid this, plan your trip to Corsica in low season or leave very early in the morning.

Rent a boat

Visiting the Calanques de Piana from the sea is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences. You will have a breathtaking view by being at the foot of the cliffs, you can swim in the crystal clear waters and access some places inaccessible by land. Every day, cruise ships leave for the creeks from Porto or Ajaccio, but you can also opt for the rental of a zodiac, an electric boat or a private boat.

The sites not to be missed around the creeks of Piana

Around the creeks of Piana, many sites are worth a look. Here are some examples:

  • The village of Piana and its flowery and colorful alleys where it is pleasant to stroll;
  • The town of Porto Ota, a quiet and authentic seaside resort;
  • The Scandola Nature Reserve and its incredible fauna and flora;
  • The village of Girolata, which you can only reach on foot or by boat.

Other general information

To visit the creeks of Piana and the surrounding area, we advise you to plan two days. As for the best time to go there, we recommend the off-season to avoid the flow of summer tourists. However, it is in summer that you will have the ideal climate. Many accommodations such as our Corsican bungalows or our camping pitches will be ready to welcome you for a pleasant stay on the island of beauty.