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Our Waterslides at Campoloro !

Our Waterslides at Campoloro !

New Restaurant! Discover Le Campo Mare

Le Campoloro : your 4****campsite & holiday village in Corsica

We are happy to welcome you in our wonderful campsite. Hence, you will be able to access easily Corsica’s most emblematic and authentic landscapes. Our guests have the privilege to stay in the Costa Verde area, with maritime borders named Castagniccia, where ancient stone villages punctuate the history and soul of the “kalliste” Island.

The pedestrian paths of our vast, green and fragrant park of a thousand and one species lead to our verry comfortable chalets, bungalows and cottages.

Discovering Le Campoloro 4**** campsite & holiday village is much more than moving around in the softness of its "sea, sun and mountain" triad. It means making one's own a philosophy of life nourished by the unchanging values ​​of Corsica : respect for people, respect for culture, respect for traditions, respect for nature everywhere in here.

Staying at Le Campoloro 4**** campsite & holiday village means experiencing the most unexpected but also the most attractive of paradoxes : that one of being both pampered by the wide range of funny services and and the feeling of being alone in the world.

By staying within Le Campoloro 4**** campsite & holiday village you consent to be torn by an irresistible double desire: that of running away to discover Corsica from the inside, its churches, its monasteries, its museums, its crafts, its hiking trails, and that of mooring permanently on this remarkable site, classified natura 2000, witnessing the incandescent birth of the day, breathing the unruly breath of sea winds, inhaling the minty breath of eucalyptus, strolling on kilometers of fine sand with breathtaking views on the Tuscan archipelago and the legendary island of Monte Cristo, enjoy the well-being of its 4-stars bungalows in complete safety, expose your idleness to the aquatic sun of the swimming pools, welcome the flavors of the land to the table, be moved at first efflorescences of the twilight of the deep and ethereal voices of Corsican polyphony.

Being at Le Campoloro 4**** campsite & holiday, finally and perhaps above all, means adopting a state of mind, unique because not widespread, where courtesy, relaxation, tranquility and pleasure are cardinal values .

If you do not adhere to it, it is better to skip your turn ….

Our new restaurant « le Campo Mare »

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