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soirée et spectacle au village vacances en corse
soirée et spectacle au camping en corse



Joining the spirit of Le Campoloro holiday village also means taking part in these unforgettable moments of sharing and discussion that happen during the show and theme evenings. They add to the very identity of the place and contribute to the emergence, in this place, of a certain idea of holidays, imagined as close as possible to the Corsican land that welcomes you.

To better soak up its personality, its culture and its vision of life requires from each of our guests to make a (small) effort to open themselves up to Corsica.

When holidays mean festivities

The themed evenings at our Le Campoloro holiday village are both varied and family-friendly. Popular with our customers, they guarantee great interactions with the other residents of the campsite. You share moments of conviviality and sometimes even forge lasting friendships.

At the 5-star campsite Le Campoloro, we sing, dance and laugh in the evenings – until a reasonable time, of course. Before allowing the sites to bathe in the tranquillity to which everyone aspires, our hand-picked activities highlight the evenings with pure happiness that bring adults and children together.

Varied and quality themed parties

These themed parties have become part of a tradition that Le Campoloro cannot let go!
These entertainment events are entrusted to quality artists who give the best insights into our culture.

We are really committed to sharing it and making it known to as many people as possible. Those who become enchanted will have the opportunity to stretch out the pleasure by discovering our land and the riches of our heritage or by tasting dishes highlighting Corsican cuisine at the campsite restaurant.
In order to satisfy everyone and ensure diversity, our artists are not confined to the Corsican register alone.

Because this also requires something for all tastes, our singers and musicians can make you travel through the world and through time with their performances.
It adds real value to your stay with us and also forms another part of this holiday philosophy that you are expressly asked to buy into.

Happiness and conviviality with family and friends

With the entertainment on offer, you can discover the local culture while having fun:

  • an evening of Corsican songs,
  • show
  • or even a DJ.

It is the promise of congenial times that bring the whole family together and that will create fabulous memories to take home.

spectacle au village vacances en corse
soirée au village vacances en corse du nord
spectacle au camping en corse du nord