Our new restaurant « le Campo Mare »

Discover the new restaurant Campo Mare, pleasure and tasting by the sea.
Your new restaurant, Campo Mare. Discover the pleasure of an extraordinary meal with a breathtaking sunset.

Exceptional site, Exceptional table.

We invite you to discover the new Le Campoloro 4****campsite & holiday village’s restaurant: "Le Campo Mare" (Formerly called "the Campoloro"). Our Corsican restaurant which overlooks the sea, offers a wide range of Corsican specialties but also dishes from the wall world such as pizza. The Campo Mare’s decor is made of the noblest materials such as stone and wood and features the theory of the four elements: earth (blessed by the gods), water (including foam grazes the set tables), air (saline which cleans the horizon) and fire (which simmers in the kitchens). Le Campoloro 4****campsite & holiday village’s bar offers a wide range of cocktails which you can enjoy with your feet in the water or on the sand.


Our gourmet restaurant has a magical atmosphere at night; lounge music, refined cocktails, sea sprays and a devoted service.  This is our Mediterranean bistronomy concept. Our chef and his team have an appetite for good things. Our "identity" menu, is designed around local products, classic and revisited pizzas, a wide choice of fresh salads and our special grills decorated with herbs from our “maquis” as well as seafood.

" Le Campo Mare" is a gustatory pleasure place where conviviality creates a marvelous spread.

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Le Campoloro, reserver votre camping en corse Le Campoloro, reserver votre camping en corse
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