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Carefully-arranged, 100 m2 camping pitches to make sure you enjoy a great holiday in Corsica



For all those who enjoy the countryside and camping with all the mod cons: welcome to the Campoloro! You'll be setting up your tent or campervan in a little area of cork trees, very close to the sea (which can be reached on foot without crossing over any roads). Hang your hammock up and enjoy long siestas beneath the cooling shade of the big trees, inhaling the sea breeze. Settle back comfortably; our pitches are spacious and will ensure everyone enjoys some privacy. Campers will love the family-friendly and authentic aspect of the Campoloro. Very close to your pitch, you'll have access to new toilet facilities which are serviced several times a day, where you can enjoy as much hot water as you want (but please don't waste it!). 

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